The SuperDAD Project  

A six week beginner program designed to help you

Build a bit

Lose a bit

Get a bit



Build more muscle, lose more fat, get more sex. Let’s be honest while the thought of a six pack is appealing, the application is a different story. I’m not suggesting you can’t or won’t achieve one but I am saying that in my years of training men 40 and beyond, most guys don’t actually want to sacrifice what’s required to achieve one. How do I know? I am a guy in his 40’s, I’ve went through all the sacrifices and have always come out feeling empty.


What ACTUALLY makes a difference to men like us is
Having the energy to play with our kids
Not looking like the average overweight dad at the poolside on holiday
Having our partners look at us the way they did when we first started dating


We focus on helping you improve your lives by showing you how to improve your health and strength and this has a positive knock on affect on the lives of those who matter to you.


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Our Ethos

We believe that everyone can become stronger and move freely through lifting weights, improving their mobility and unlocking new movement patterns. Barbells, kettlebells, bodyweight and movement form the basis of our methods. The purpose of our programming is to improve you, not destroy you. We believe in better: Move better, look better, feel better.

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