New to training? 

We have something for everyone regardless of ability or experience.

The SuperDAD Project

A six week beginner program designed to help you

Build A Bit > Lose A Bit > Get A Bit

The WonderWomanWorkout

A six week beginner program designed to help empower women through lifting weights

Personal Training

For some people attending a group training session may be too overwhelming or perhaps you have a specific goal you are after. If this is the case then PT may be the best option for you.

Group Training

For anyone who feels they are confident in a gym setting our group training model offers you the best of both worlds.

Online Coaching

For some people, even with our extensive range of training options, it is just not feasible for them to train with us but that does not mean they can’t avail of Primal’s Training Systems.

Primal’s Strength and Movement

The gym for people who don’t do gyms

Primal S&M has been helping people in their 40’s and beyond Look Better, Move Better, Feel Better We recognise that as you get older, your strength & health goals change, so your training must also follow suit. We’ve disproved the long held beliefs of the fitness industry that pushing your body to failure over and over is how we should train. We understand the stresses of normal life to the average man and woman and how the training systems of today are aimed towards the younger generation and their stress free lives. Gone are the screams of trainers trying to get you to push out one more rep No longer will you need to stick to the boring chicken and broccoli diets Primal programming focuses on simple but effective training that works. Our eating principles allow you to eat the foods you love AND lose fat! We have helped HUNDREDS of men and women and we can help you! Interested? Click on the link and lets have a conversation 
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Our Ethos

We believe that everyone can become stronger and move freely through lifting weights, improving their mobility and unlocking new movement patterns. Barbells, kettlebells, bodyweight and movement form the basis of our methods. The purpose of our programming is to improve you, not destroy you. We believe in better: Move better, look better, feel better.

Find Us

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